Update Your Handbags With Guitar Straps

There’s a new trend that I’ve been seeing more and more these days: Guitar strap bags. They’ve popped up last fall already when high-end designers such as Valentino, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, or Gucci presented their fall/winter 2016 collections. Now you’ll get to see bags with wide, decorated shoulder straps by more reasonably priced brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Tom Tailor or Zara. Read More

Stylehunter: Acne Studios Velocite Oversized Shearling Jacket

Sometimes it happens that I totally fall in love with a piece of clothing I can’t afford. Does that sound familiar to you? I’m sure it does. Ordinary people (like me) just can’t spend CHF 2’000 or more on a new jacket, handbag or whatever your fashion heart desires (and actually, I also do not want to spend that much for a piece of clothing). But don’t worry, I’m constantly on the hunt for lookalikes of popular pieces so we can also enjoy to wear them. Read More

Discover New Products With Boxmopolitan

I’ve came across Boxmopolitan a few weeks ago when I was readig a review written by Coolbrandz and decided to subscribe for a 3-month period to get their boxes, filled with hot new items from the areas of beauty, wellness, fashion, gourmet, art and design. Boxmopolitan is based in Zurich, Switzerland and aims to bring to you a cosmopolitan taste and introduce you to fancy new brands and products which are carefully selected by the curators of Boxmopolitan. You can choose between different subscriptions for one, three, six or twelve months and prices vary depending on the subscription you choose.

The edition that I received was the third this year, themed all in black and white and contained products from the brands KMS California, Cudié, Design Letters, Lola (CH), Pédale (CH), Edamama and Boxmopolitan itself. Read More

Is It Too Late For Backless Loafers?

In Switzerland we’ve always seemed to be a little behind when it comes to fashion trends (or is it just me?). In Fall 2015, Gucci’s fur-lined Princetown loafers (which are priced at roughly CHF 1’000) were declared as „the shoes of the season“ by Vogue Magazine. The shoes could be spotted all over Social Media. Read More