When Less Is Everything: Five Skincare

«Less is everything» is the claim of Five Skincare – a skincare brand founded in 2015 by Anna Pfeiffer in Zurich, Switzerland. All products of Five Skincare consist of a maximum of 5 ingredients. Anna asked herself why a face cream needs 30 ingredients (from which you cannot even tell what it is). And guess what: It doesn’t need them. Read More

A Swiss Label To Watch: Qwstion

Recently I’ve been carrying around many things during the day which made it highly impractical to squeeze everything into a handbag. This made me switch from a handbag to backpacks, which might not be as chic but much more convenient and healthier for your shoulders and back to carry around. Even though I was quite happy with my Kånken backpack by Fjaellraeven, I was looking for something more practical and stumbled across the Swiss brand QWSTION. Read More